… its about taking your life into your hands and start living conscious life.

… its about reading the signs, people, situations around you better through seeing the cause and stop struggling with effect. Its called viveka.

… its about doing the best you can: serve, work, love with responsibility and be detached from its outcome. Its called vairagya.

… its about learning critical thinking. You can evaluate your life only if you have the knowledge of how it works.

… its about fixing mistakes done in the past. This is one of the reason why we have taken birth on earth. For that you need knowledge (vedas) and personal experience how it works in life.

… its about yoga postures (asanas) as a tool for changing consciousness and not just means of having your physical body in perfect shape.

… its about connecting to the the biggest source of energy – breathing. Not just food or water. Pranayama is the ancient vedic system to teach you how to breath to accumulate more prāna (energy), thus succeeding in life.

… its about guiding your attention, because where your attention goes, your energy follows. Raja yoga teaches how to do it in way that you manage your attention to what is beneficial to you.

… its about changing habits from bad to benificial ones.

…. it about never stop asking why