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5 vedic shopping tips which hopefully will make your shopping easier and more fun 🙂

Watch the video!

Here are the links to some of my favourite online shopping places for kids that I mentioned in the video above:

  1. Here is the shop for organic clothes I visit the mostly for DISANA boiled wool outerwear. I buy summer hats there with UV 80 protection, tights with no polyester, nice boiled wool indoor slippers and much more. This is on top!
  2. Organic underwear and some essentials at Polarn O.Pyret. But not so happy about outerwear. Too synthetic and sweaty.
  3. A wide range of organic clothes. Look for clothes labelled as sustainable choice!
  4. A cute latvian brand Woolyorganic. I love supporting local small businesses! This one is world class and full of love. Organic clothes and toys!!! Watch their About us video. It’s amazing!!!
  5. Shop for nice merino wool here. Always choose merino wool. It’s not itchy on the skin AT ALL!!!
  6. One more option for organic clothes shopping!
  7. I’m always looking for brands that doesn’t look “unicorns” and “dinasaurs” style and really look less childish and with style. That is why I love these and these
  8. Did you know that Massimo Dutti has kidswear? They do and it’s amazing!
  9. For more fancy clothing look here. A wide range of brands from expensive ones to affordable ones.
  10. Winter jackets with dawn filling we buy from here.
  11. Now – THE FOOTWEAR!!!! That is a big challange to find shoes with flexible soles and wide toe part. But there are some brands out there, who care. So here we go:
    Vivobarefoot – the most amazing flexibility that you can get! And the right shape of toe area.
    Camper – nice flexibility and style! Lightweight boots for winter! Look for options with Gore-Tex! Love this brand!
    Plae – good flexibility and adjustable styling.
    Naturino – lightweigt winterboots with acceptable flexibility. They used to have boots with natural wool inside, but not any more. Let’s see what happens in future.

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