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When I first published this article, it was called  18 VEDIC REASONS NOT TO TAKE CHILD TO DAY CARE OR KINDERGARTEN. Since then we have officially started homeschooling and we as a family have become even more confident in our choice of not giving away our children for system education.

  1. I want my children to maintain the natural interest, necessity and motivation for studies. What I see is a common situation, when children don’t want and don’t like to go to school. Children are often accused of being spoiled or lazy. But I’m absolutely certain that the reason for denial is the education system being outdated and unsuitable for children in many ways that it provokes such reaction from kids. So I don’t want my children to be leveled out or damaged by 200-year-old system who makes its update to the 21st century much too slow. Educational system in Latvia is moving away from individual towards group learning in large groups. It is unacceptable, because it lowers the quality of education big time! It slows down the motivated children to the level of average or lower, because “caravan is moving with the speed of the weakest link”. No wonder why children get bored and refuse to go to school. There is a verb “to standardize” used among public school teachers, meaning that children in first and second grade are leveled out. So if your child is above the standard (homeschooled pre-schoolers in most cases are above the average due to the individual educational approach), then he is forced into regress. More reasons on homeschooling coming up in my future post so stay tuned!
  2. Children should live in a natural environment – it means WITHIN the family together with their parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters – not living APART from them. It is unnatural to be  constantly surrounded by a group of children the same age and follow the guidance of adults, who are outside their family circle and basically are strangers to a child in so many ways.