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The speech itself is a manifestation of Saraswati Nādī – an energy channel, which is streaming the prāna (similar to blood flowing through the vessels) that forms and determines the human speech. If the flow of energy in this prānic artery is clear and clog free, then there is no reason for having hindrances in speech development. Saraswati Nādī is located in the subtle body. Although it can not be examined by any instruments, its well-known in Ayurveda that it starts in the central cavity of the collar-bone, travels up through the throat and mouth and ends at the tip of the tongue. It is a route for a person’s ability to speak out, express own opinion, dare to reach out for goal and, of course, speech and language learning ability.

If this Nādī is blocked and prāna has the difficulty to move, then it may result in logopedic problems, thyroid gland disorders, pain in the throat, voice chords’ inflammation, diseases of mouth and tongue. Only to name a few. And besides that, a person might find it difficult to declare his own opinion and express himself in any way.

Actions that lead to the blocking of Saraswati Nādī: