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Most of our life is spent in buildings, be it our home or the office. But have you ever thought about how these premises affect you? Of course, it is clear that your home and workplace should be cosy, comfortable and functional, but most importantly – they should be BENEFICIAL to all inhabitants! When choosing a living place or arranging your workplace, almost everyone usually follows the criteria: ‘I like it’ or ‘I don’t like it’; ‘it is convenient for me’ or ‘it is not convenient for me’ etc. But all these criteria don’t necessarily mean that the chosen place will be beneficial, i.e. bring prosperity in life and business, improvements to health or happiness in relationships.
If you remembered how your life changed each time you moved to a new home or office premises, then you would notice interconnections between the move and the changes in life and health (whether for better or worse). It happens, because space interacts with a person and it affects everyone, who spends a long time there.

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