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Since I can remember myself I have always known that yoga is something special. Something on the edge between healthy and mysterious. Despite having a soviet childhood with limited access to chewing gums and information about anything outside “iron curtain”, I happened to learn about acupuncture from a small book I found at home. It was then that parents told me about the people being able to wrap their legs around their necks. Yoga was in fact a widespread activity in Latvia in the beginning of the 20th century, before my country was occupied. After occupation, all yoga practice was banned by soviet system and most of the teachers and practitioners went underground. But in my childhood, while reading that little brochure-like book, I found it really amusing how a small impact on marma point could lead to great changes in the body. Little did I know that after 10 years I will meet my teacher and learn about marmas and much more. Marma knowledge is also a fundamental part of kalari, which I happen to practice for almost ten years now.

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