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Since I can remember myself I have always known that yoga is something special. Something on the edge between healthy and mysterious. Despite having a soviet childhood with limited access to chewing gums and information about anything outside “iron curtain”, I happened to learn about acupuncture from a small book I found at home. It was then that parents told me about the people being able to wrap their legs around their necks. Yoga was in fact a widespread activity in Latvia in the beginning of the 20th century, before my country was occupied. After occupation, all yoga practice was banned by soviet system and most of the teachers and practitioners went underground. But in my childhood, while reading that little brochure-like book, I found it really amusing how a small impact on marma point could lead to great changes in the body. Little did I know that after 10 years I will meet my teacher and learn about marmas and much more. Marma knowledge is also a fundamental part of kalari, which I happen to practice for almost ten years now.

It’s amazing how the subtle vibrations of consciousness attract the information, the books, the people, the knowledge into our lives. Looking back to my way to yoga I see it clearly how my own karma did stand on its head just to get me into that first yoga lecture for beginners.

In 1999 I repeatedly went to a family doctor due to mastopathy (multiple pea and bean sized tubers or lumps in my breasts), which just didn’t go away, and some minor vegetative dystonia, which made me anxious every time I traveled by public transport. I was 21 back then, already married to Atis and with huge confusion about what’s ahead of me in the future, if already then I was taking different pills and drugs, including tranquilizer, that made me stoned for half a day. On one of those days, when anxiety stroke me once again, I thought to myself that I really must be doing something so wrong in my lifestyle, that got me to this point at such a young age taking pills and medicine ending with “-pam”. It didn’t work with my future life plan at all. So I thought to myself (and this I remember quite clearly, because I think it was a turning point in my life), that I want to CHANGE my life in the very core of it. And it was obvious that the core was someplace else than drugstore or doctors office.

By the way family doc suggested me to do mastectomy (just cut out the breasts), because due to the fact that drug method didn’t bring any results and I have a tendency of having hard formations in my breasts, she thought it would be a great preventive method against breast cancer. “But what about breastfeeding my kids?” I almost shouted being a 21 year-young woman with family plan. She just showed me the brochures of newly invented baby formula. Needless to say – I was shocked. I never went back to family doc ever again.

I didn’t intentionally look for alternative medicine, yoga or any other solutions. I just went on with my life, working and studying. A year passed by. And one day my younger brother brought the news about the start of yoga beginners class in September 2000. Both my brothers where interested and invited me in. So we went and since then my vedic life began. Or should I rather say, it continued. From previous life. But that’s a different story. A past life regression story. (Promise to share one day.)

Since then I gradually transformed my life by transforming myself: regular practice of mantra chanting, meditation, hatha yoga; intense studies of different vedic sciences etc. I became vegetarian, quit smoking, but most importantly I had found the “thing” that I was looking for. Anxiety went away quickly, but it took me several years to clear my “crying” breasts from mastitis. And one day I was asked by my teacher to get on the same podium, in the same hall to substitute him and hold hatha yoga classes while my teacher was out of town. I work at Shiva’s centre since 2008. But been on and off work a couple of times, because I have two kids, you know. And even not being able to conduct any classes or practice, I work at home exploring vedas deeper, preparing new seminars and helping everyone whoever reaches out to me. Thanks to modern communication resources I’m easy to access for online consultation while being home with our kidos.

Every way to yoga is different and very intimate. I had mine and you have yours. And what I like about it are the people I get to meet along the way, the souls I get to help, the places I happen to visit. And there are more to come. And that is exciting. Om

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  1. Thanks for sharing such an intimate story! Your strength to transform your life so much is admirable!

    1. Thank you, Olga!

  2. Interesting Post!I too must give it a try now.. Om

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