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I remember vividly my first impression of yoga from childhood, when I was a 5-year-old kid. Together with my pal Lauris we got inspired by seeing some Soviet time movies about one person who practiced yoga and was imprisoned ( at that time it was forbidden)  and then we where trying to imitate yogis, sitting under a pine-tree in a crossed-leg meditation posture. Many years later my wife Linda started practicing yoga and acquiring vedic wisdom from Shiva Vākya Siddha Baba (Shiva). Linda had my support, but I didn’t practice any yoga or studied vedas, because I was kind of skeptical about all that, but secretly I was very interested. I never showed my interest. Linda tried to pull me in by “accidentally” leaving here and there her notes from lectures. I got the hint and read some of it. We had an agreement with Linda that I would come to yoga class if she showed me the asana (posture) that I can’t do. Luckily nature has granted me with quite decent body flexibility and I had no problem of repeating everything Linda showed me, even the advanced level asanas. That situation boosted my ego like a balloon, while giving Linda extra motivation to practice daily even more. And so we both were busy with own priorities and slowly our common interests grew apart. In one of the conversations Linda said:

“You can reject only the things you have tried or owned.”

And so I decided that I should find the time and we both should attend one of Shiva’s lectures. It turned out that my first ever vedic lecture to attend was about love and vedic relationships. Since then we both continued our vedic studies together sitting side by side at Shiva’s vedic lectures and yoga classes. I was captivated by the knowledge of vedas being a united system about life, its evaluation on daily basis and beneficial decision making. I was determined to learn everything that Shiva was teaching, because I got it from the very first lecture, that this is the knowledge that will help me to live my life to the fullest. Vedas and yoga provide system that may give you all the necessary tools to notice potentially bad situation coming and make adjustments in order to avoid it, as well as teaches doing good deeds for oneself and others.

My carrier and business growth continued. At that time I directed a business of over 1000 employees. I reached the goal I had set for myself since I was a 19-year-old lad – to be the director of a company, who performs a full cycle: grows raw material, processes it, produces goods and sells them. It is a fantastic feeling to achieve a great goal like that, but on the inside I felt that it is not the only satisfaction I want to experience in my life. One day I evaluated my life and came to a conclusion that I don’t want to spend my life working this way. Though I didn’t see any alternatives either. Some time passed. And one day my phone rang and it was Shiva offering me to be a teacher of vedic astrology and other vedic sciences at his centre. This is how a new route started for me to help other people and develop myself.

So more than 10 years I’m a full time teacher of vedic sciences, yoga and tantra at Shiva’s centre. Now I’m teaching Jyotisha veda (vedic astrology), Vastu Shastra (vedic architecture and design), Samudrika Shastra (science of “reading” karma by palms, feet, face, birthmarks), poojas and homas (vedic and tantric rituals to transform consciousness), Raja yoga, Hatha yoga, Mudra yoga, Rasa yoga, Mantra Shastra, Ayurveda and many other facets of vedic knowledge. Besides that I’m a vedic astrologer helping people reach the core of problems and solve them.

Each of us have unique way to yoga and vedas, I enjoyed mine. How about you?

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  1. I remember seeing you perform very advanced asanas after Maha Shiva Ratri back at 2003 or 2004 and being amazed by your flexibility 🙂 Thank you for the time and energy you invest in helping others make progress in yoga and solve problems along their way!

    1. Olga, so nice to hear from you! Thank you for kind words 🙂 Om

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