I have been studying Vedic Sciences since the year of 2000 with my Guru Shiva Vakhya Siddha Baba. I’ve gained the deep knowledge in almost all Vedic Sciences that still exist such as Āyurveda (Science of life and wellbeing, vedic medicine), Jyotishveda (vedic astrology), Hatha yoga (postures and excercises), Sankhya Shastra (vedic numerology), Vaastu Shastra (vedic architecture and design), Hasta-, Mukha- and Pad- samudrika shastra (palm, face and feet reading), Svara yoga (knowledge of breath), Nimitta shastra (knowlede of omens), Tantra yoga (knowledge of vedic sex), Mudra Yoga (knowledge of hand and finger positions) and many other facets of vedic culture. I am also a student and explorer of the Sanskrit language. 

I work at Shiva’s Centre from 2008 in Riga, Latvia, where I have taught Raja Yoga (knowledge of changing conciousness), Karma Yoga (knowledge about actions, cause and consequence), Rasa Yoga (Vedic approach to the management of emotions), Laya Yoga (knowledge of chakras), Hatha Yoga and Kalari Yoga (Hatha yoga combined with Kalaripayatt, a vedic martial art). Many were fond of my Ayurvedic Cooking classes, where everyone apart from knowledge were filled up with tasty and healthy food. Nowadays I’m passing seminars on various subjects concerning vedic lifestyle, conscious living, vedic childcare and upbringing etc. at the venues both at homecountry and abroad. I take part as a guest speaker in yoga festivals as well. 
Using my knowledge in Ayurveda, Jyotisha Veda (Vedic astrology) and other assisting Vedic Sciences, I offer consulations and astrological readings. I mainly specialize on women consultations (āyurvedic treatment of gynaecological ailments, family and relationship issues, mental and emotional health and any other complaints) and vedic childcare (vedic family planning, vedic homebirth, ājurvedic treatment of children’s diseases, vegetarian nutrition for children, vedic upbringing, cosleeping, longterm breastfeeding, babywearing, babyled weaning, infant potty training, home schooling etc). If you have any concerns, you may book your consultation by clicking “here”.

Above all I’m a wife of Atis and a mother of two wonderful children: son Pauls and daughter Dārta. Vedic lifestyle is how we live and we are open to share our knowledge and experience with you. Om

More about my beginning of yoga path please read here.