All our family, and not just the closest family members, but I mean all the extended version of our family, are vegetarian and following ayurvedic principles in chosing, preparing, serving, eating our food. As I’m stating in this article, ayurvedic cuisine is not like italian, indian, latvian or any other cuisines belonging to certain country or region. Ayurvedic cuisine is a METHOD of preparing food. It all begins with chosing the clean products, preferably from our own garden or biological farmers market. Then we combine and prepare the products by their properties, and this is very important, because products, like humans, not all go along with each other. So we use compatibility knowledge here (sounds smart, but it’s actually easy to learn). And then we add different spices to make it all burn well in our bodies and digest every single bit, that’s been swallowed, so that no amma is built up. We serve the food with special mantra and gratitude for every meal that we are about to take and transform into the cells of our bodies.


Here in this blog section we share ayurvedic recipes, cooking tips, ideas and practical knowledge, how to be ayurvedic family in the kitchen. Every recipe is not only a list of ingredients and directions, how to prepare the food, but also include comments about product, tips and ideas how to adjust the food to any needs (allergies, vegans etc.). In the long run you will be able to learn the principles of ayurvedic cooking through different recipes as samples and will be able to transform ANY recipe from ANY cuisine into ayurvedic meal.

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