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The events of mass gatherings like festivals, clubs and concerts with massive attendance aren’t that much of a relaxation as people think. According to the principles of āyurveda you should be really careful about attending crowded events and here are the reasons why:

  • Striving towards converging with the crowd means that a person actually has a lack of ojas (vital substance that on the subtle level is responsible for faith in one’s own knowledge and opinion). Have you noticed that such events are popular especially amongst youngsters? It is the age when person has developed physically, but hasn’t yet developed self-confidence and has the need of batching into groups to feel confident, stable and accepted. The crowd gives temporary and yet illusionary feeling of power and affiliation. This is only a half of problem.
  • The second half is that the crowded places drain the reserves of ojas. We are all born with certain amount of ojas. It determines our overall health and ability to find the purpose of life. The level of ojas is variable during lifetime and there are many things that break it down. Guess what? One of them is the crowed places. Why? Read on.
  • Crowd means the gathering of different people with different karma and veeery diverse levels of prāna (vital energy that on the subtle level is responsible for the capacity to achieve main goals of life: kama, artha, dharma and moksha). It’s quite evident that most people lead a lifestyle which is, frankly speaking, pretty far from healthy and natural one, following low levels of prāna, leading to different ailments, emotional breakdowns, chronic fatigue, poverty and sense of not enough money and energy etc. Āyurveda states that you become a person(s) you keep company with. If you lead a healthy lifestyle and therefore have your prānic level higher than the average crowd member, it means that all you get drained by the crowd on the subtle prāna level. Prāna acts like water in connected vessels – it always flows from the fuller to the empty one.
  • We digest not only the food and drinks, but also information that enters us via sense organs. It means we actually “eat” the circumstances we are in. On the subtle level it is tejas (transformative substance that on the subtle level is responsible for processing information and common sense), who does the digestion of information coming from overstimulated senses. Digestion fire gets extinguished after eating junk food, the same way tejas is put out and literary makes people dumber.

So, as you can see all three vital principles of human subtle body (Prāna, Ojas and Tejas) are being challenged.

And now a word about kids in crowded places. As you might probably tell from the above, kids should be kept away from the events of such kind, because child’s consciousness is very sensitive to overstimulation of senses and presence of large number of people. There are two scenarios:

  • one – may be you have noticed that children fall asleep very quickly in crowded places. It is due to the natural protective reflex, which is a reaction to inappropriate environment. Kid just goes in to hibernating state to save itself.
  • second – kid becomes hyperactive, dances and jumps around to adult’s amusement and joy, but actually it is a reaction to over-stimulating setting and usually ends with kid’s meltdowns and adult’s shouting at a screaming kid on the ground.

I have to say in the end that all this doesn’t mean you can’t go to concerts or any other events of large gathering of people. All āyurveda suggests is that you should be really picky about the events to attend if you wish to maintain physical, mental and intellectual health of yourself and your loved ones. Om


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