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I remember vividly my first impression of yoga from childhood, when I was a 5-year-old kid. Together with my pal Lauris we got inspired by seeing some Soviet time movies about one person who practiced yoga and was imprisoned ( at that time it was forbidden)  and then we where trying to imitate yogis, sitting under a pine-tree in a crossed-leg meditation posture. Many years later my wife Linda started practicing yoga and acquiring vedic wisdom from Shiva Vākya Siddha Baba (Shiva). Linda had my support, but I didn’t practice any yoga or studied vedas, because I was kind of skeptical about all that, but secretly I was very interested. I never showed my interest. Linda tried to pull me in by “accidentally” leaving here and there her notes from lectures. I got the hint and read some of it. We had an agreement with Linda that I would come to yoga class if she showed me the asana (posture) that I can’t do. Luckily nature has granted me with quite decent body flexibility and I had no problem of repeating everything Linda showed me, even the advanced level asanas. That situation boosted my ego like a balloon, while giving Linda extra motivation to practice daily even more. And so we both were busy with own priorities and slowly our common interests grew apart. In one of the conversations Linda said:

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