About 15 years ago I devoted myself to work, career and business. Frankly, I was very good at that, I had created a successful career – I was running one of the largest companies in Latvia, a chain of 170 pharmacies with over 1000 employees, as well as my own business. However, this success in career and business gave only material satisfaction, I lacked time for myself and my family. Through the process of hard work I came to a conclusion that I could not fully implement myself through work and business. For that reason, influenced by my wife Linda, adjacent to my work and business I started attending lectures of Shiva Vaakya Siddha Baba, who is now my teacher. Finally I found what I had been looking for in a long time! During studies I learned that yoga is more than just exercising and, to my surprise, yoga helps to find reasons why hurtful things happen in life that sometimes are reoccurring. With the help of yoga and Vedas I have started the process of self-cognition and, what is most important – putting myself and my life in order. At present I am continuing studies of all four of the Vedas, as well as giving lectures about everything I have learned – yoga, jyotish Vedic astrology, pranayama breathing techniques, Vedic architecture vastu (how premises and their shape affect people living in them), raja yoga (about structure of consciousness and methods of fixing it), Vedic numerology, ayurveda, pada samudrika shastra (what people’s feet say about them), hasta samudrika Shastra (what people’s hands and lines on palms say about them), mukha samudrika Shastra (what people’s faces say about them), methods of transforming consciousness – mantras, poojas and homas (fire rituals), I also work with Shiva nadi leaves. Vedic sciences have helped me solve many difficult situations in my life, as well as thousands of other people’s lives who I have consulted and taught in the past years since 2005.

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