About Us


We are married since 1998 and we have a son (born in 2011) and a daughter (born in 2015). If you see us walking down the street, you’d probably take us for an ordinary family. But if you get to know us closer, you’d see that we use vedic knowledge in everything that we do. Vedic lifestyle is all about acting WITH the laws of Nature. You have to learn Nature’s laws to act in tune with it. Vedas are a source of knowledge of the laws of Nature. We have the best teachers: our guru Shiva Vakhya Sidha Baba, our parents and children, vedic scripts and meditation.

We are an example of implementation of ancient knowledge into modern life circumstances and we are happy to share our knowledge with you.

Besides our work in Shiva’s centre, we decided to write this blog so that we could share our experience, knowledge and thoughts about vedic lifestyle. We happily welcome any reader of our blog and we hope this brings more understanding on how to be an ancient knowledge practitioner in a modern world.

Although our articles might sometimes seem too much true to the point, its because we are sincere, non-judgemental and avoid lip service at all times. We treat our followers and disciples as members of our family. Speaking from the heart sometimes sounds bitter. But it is done with much love and affection to every reader.

We are honest and supportive to anyone, who seeks advice, knowledge and want to change life for better.

Read on about us in this article. Thank you!