What is Kalari Yoga?

Kalari yoga is a combination of Hatha Yoga and Kalarippayattu (Kalari) – an ancient vedic martial art, personality transforming and healing system. With the help of different vyāyāmas (dynamic exercises) and āsanas (static postures) you reach several goals on multiple levels: strengthen your physical body and improve its flexibility, simultaneously developing concentration, mental power and sharpness. It turns you into more confident and grounded person. But most importantly, Kalari yoga practice increases your prāna or life force level.

Benefits of Kalari Yoga

Genius, yet simple elements of Kalari affect not only physical body, but also reshape the consciousness adding more energy and mental stamina. It manifests in life as higher self-esteem, determination and ability to withstand the life’s hurdles.

Kalari yoga works well on those places of concern due to overweight and decrease the varicose vein problem besides overall body shaping. Well considered sequence of kalari movements and postures improves flexibility of tendons and muscles, makes the bones more dense and joints stronger, so that the possibility of trauma is reduced to the level next to impossible.


Short insight of Kalari Yoga class

We start with active warm up of every single part of body, especially joints, muscles and tendons. The advantage of kalari yoga is that vyāyāmas, āsanas and whole body mudras make your body stretch and tighten at the same time, so that’s why there’s hardly any stiffness in the body after Kalari Yoga session. The actual martial art is not taught during this practice. (For that you might want to join Kalarippayattu sessions that are also available in Shiva’s centre.)

The second half is more relaxed and give the opportunity to release all the tension from your body and mind, at the same time refilling prānic reserves.

Why Kalari Yoga?

During my work as a yoga teacher I have noticed the imbalance between the strength and the flexibility of body in too many cases. Either there is a good muscle strength and poor flexibility or great flexibility, but less ability to perform the exercises, where the muscle power is needed. This imbalance may lead to different traumas, such as joint dislocations, muscle and tendon strains etc. Kalari yoga practice is built with the purpose of developing elasticity and flexibility on the one hand, and durability and strength on the other hand. Moreover, Kalari yoga helps you generate extra prāna, so you don’t feel you have been drained after physical activity.

Kalari yoga has its own Kalari Sūrya Namaskara – a sequence of dynamic movements and āsanas to strengthen the upper body, straighten the spine and “opening up” the hip joints. Modern day humans are often found in crooked posture sitting at the working table, dinner table or sofa, often accompanied with crossed legs and tight shoulders. Check your posture while you’re driving and you’ll see that most probably your posture is crooked, shoulders bent forward and hips lay skew thus reducing the space for inner organs and disturbing the work of heart and lungs. Kalari Sūrya Namaskara is a routine that deals with these wrong posture problems.



Kalari Yoga Newsletter


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